Annual Events

First Run

Our first official social gathering of the season, First Run is a chance to see old friends, meet new friends, and raise money for our club through an awesome raffle.

Last Run

Our last official event of the year is our Last Run Dinner. It doesn't matter if we go to a restaurant, take a Barnegate Bay cruise, or picnic at a Blue Claws game, because we know that we'll always have a great time with our ski club friends

Pain and Suffering

The first "official" weekend of the season is held on the second weekend of December. Be sure to bring the ibuprofen as you get back in shape and remember muscles you haven't used in months.

Race Weekend

This is a fun race at Middlebury College Snow Bowl. Monmouth Ski Club, Telemark Ski Club, and The Ski Club of New Jersey compete for the coveted trophy.
After the competition, we have a great party.

Event Calendar

Work Weekends

Several times a year members descend upon the lodge armed with tools, cleaning products, lots of energy and a spirit of fun. We work hard all day cleaning and fixing and making our home away from home look beautiful.

The cost of work weekend is $20 per person to cover the cost of food. There is no charge to stay at the lodge during work weekends.

Members who participate earn a free stay at the lodge which can be used during the season, and they also receive a "get out of a job" card.

Work weekends are normally scheduled in the spring and fall.